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South Jeffco Sports families,

Welcome to the 9th season of the South Jeffco Track program! This Parent Information Sheet is intended to answer most of your anticipated questions.  It is also meant to introduce you to some key people and events, and provide you some insight into the logistics and protocol for the upcoming season. Please take a few moments to read this it its entirety.

South Jeffco Track Director –Shaw Gifford


Season Cost-$150 (If you chose the payment plan $75 will be charged immediately and the remaining $75 will be charged May 1st) (If you register after May 1st the entire $150 will be charged immediately).

UNIFORMS:  Deadline to order uniforms is May (TBD)

  • YOU MUST PURCHASE YOUR JERSEY AND SHORTS SEPERATELY.  You do not need a new jersey if you ordered one last year and it still fits.
  • The jersey MUST be purchased using the following link at the cost of $37.99:  https://www.xpagear.com/South-Jeffco_c_571.html
  • You can purchase the shorts through the link as well (not required), or purchase plain black shorts on your own.


If you did not make a payment immediately upon registration the player will be waitlisted.

You will be purchasing the uniform directly from the vender this year (see above).


Practice Starts June 2nd.  Practice times: 5-6pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Practices will be held on the track at Chatfield High School.

Games:  2020 Track Meet Schedule TBD (Saturdays starting approximately mid-June through July except for the 4th of July).

C.A.R.A. Track Information

South Jeffco Track will participate in all C.A.R.A. (Colorado Association of RecreationalActivities) meets, as outlined below. C.A.R.A.organizes their meets so that participants are put into heats by gender and age. All participantsreceive ribbons for each heat, and participants can try different events each week, or just stick with their favorites. Other C.A.R.A. rules to be aware of include:

  • Track spikes are allowed at C.A.R.A. meets.
  • No starting blocks are used.
  • Hurdle events begin at age 11.
  • Instead of the Shot Put and Javelin events, youth track uses a Baseball throw for ages
    5-8; a Softball throw for ages 9-12; a 6 lb. shot put also for ages 9-12; and an 8 lb. shot
    put for over 12 years old.

  • The discus begins at age 11, and all ages use a 1k “women’s” discus.
  • Participants may compete in any 4 events per meet, the exception being a fifth event if
    they are participating with a relay team.
    No check-in is required at the meets. It is the responsibility of the participant to report to
    the staging area or field event when called.

  • Participants must wear official team (South Jeffco) uniforms to all meets. Participants
    may be turned away if they are not wearing their team uniform. Part of this is simply
    logistics…with hundreds of kids there, it’s easiest to keep them together and identify
    where kids are and are not supposed to be throughout the day.
  • Parents and other spectators are asked to remain in the stands and off the infield.
  • Participants will be placed in heats of 8.
  • Participants should check in with their team/coaches at the beginning of the meet
    in order to receive instructions on where events are to be held as well as any
    special instructions regarding event order, staging, etc.

  • Field events begin at 8 am, and running events at 8:30 am at each meet. Events
    will follow the same order each meet, but times are may vary, as each event is run
    on a “ready basis” Please see the order of events sheet and listen for calls for
    event made by the announcer each day.

  • Participants should try to complete their field events while waiting for running
    events, but should go to the staging area when their running event is called, and
    then return to do their field events.

  • PLEASE Remember to always bring plenty of fluids and sunscreen.


  • (Note: to compete at State, a child must compete in 2 prior C.A.R.A. meets.)


Required Equipment:

  • Sneakers/Running Shoes or Track Spikes 
  • Shorts & T-shirt
  • Sunscreen
  • Water/Fluids